Ep 37 – Co-host Auditions (Day 3) – Group Call – It’s Hot in Here and Part of that is Florida

It’s mid-November, baah’-d kids!

Florida is a weird place. You know that. We know that. And the political climate is getting as hot as it is in this room (and that’s pretty clammy).

Joining the chat today is Lonia, Sasha, Cristina and Derrick, who are all itching/sweating for a chance to fill this coveted seat at the Baby Lambs table. Will they succeed? Will the recount ever end? Do we need to start volunteering our time to count ballots? I’ll let you decide, although Lonia has already self-proclaimed her position as a BL “political correspondent.”

We also hear briefly from our girl in Japan! It’s brief and sweet and she is definitely fully awake.

Today is the group call, which means we are closing in on the end of our co-host audition series. Much like the Florida races, a choice will soon be made. Who will make the cut?

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