Ep 38 – Co-host Auditions (Day 4) – Alexandra & the Battle of the Millenn(ials)

Happy Sansgibing Eve, baa’h-d kids!

We end our series of co-host auditions with our final contestant, Alexandra, who takes us through the misconceptions, trials and differences between the younger and older millennial generation. Are we as bad as everyone thinks we are? We’ll let you decide.

While you wait for your second batch of pumpkin pie to bake/not burn in the oven, we’ll take you back to the days of MySpace, learn how get a free meal and listen to Alex’s confusion when we discuss the free AOL discs we got in the mail all those years ago.

We will be back next week for more Baby Lambs, bringing back our favorite Japanese-convert, that is, if she even decides to get on the plane back to America.

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