Ep 42 – Gratitude with Attitude

What’s up, baah-d kids?!

Here we are with another episode. As we enter the holiday season, we wanted to tell you what we’re grateful and thankful for. One can argue that this is what Thanksgiving is for, but, it extends far beyond that. 

We invite you to join us by telling us what you’re grateful for or things you’re looking forward to during this time. 

Happy Holidays from your favorite Baby Lambs.

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  1. Loved this episode! This is the first year that we will be hosting noche buena, and it’s because the past few years have been depressing, I didn’t want that for my daughter . We went from losing our Christmas spirit to suddenly feeling so excited because we want our daughter to have a magical night followed by a magical day. And yes, the moment you hit 30, and so on and so forth, you will let go of things that are toxic, things that just dont make sensw with your life anymore. You get a new sense of sscurity within yourself.

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