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What’s up, baah-d kids?!

Guess who’s back! If you guessed Lissette, you’re right! She’s officially back from her travels throughout Japan and brought our friends, Epi and Jani, to talk about it. Also, to make Ashley jealous about not going. We talk about inside jokes that don’t include Ashley, twerking throughout Japan, and Mt. Fuji. Did you know it’s an active volcano? No? It’s okay, we don’t discuss that in the episode.


Happy Sansgibing Eve, baa’h-d kids!

We end our series of co-host auditions with our final contestant, Alexandra, who takes us through the misconceptions, trials and differences between the younger and older millennial generation. Are we as bad as everyone thinks we are? We’ll let you decide.

While you wait for your second batch of pumpkin pie to bake/not burn in the oven, we’ll take you back to the days of MySpace, learn how get a free meal and listen to Alex’s confusion when we discuss the free AOL discs we got in the mail all those years ago.

We will be back next week for more Baby Lambs, bringing back our favorite Japanese-convert, that is, if she even decides to get on the plane back to America.

It’s mid-November, baah’-d kids!

Florida is a weird place. You know that. We know that. And the political climate is getting as hot as it is in this room (and that’s pretty clammy).

Joining the chat today is Lonia, Sasha, Cristina and Derrick, who are all itching/sweating for a chance to fill this coveted seat at the Baby Lambs table. Will they succeed? Will the recount ever end? Do we need to start volunteering our time to count ballots? I’ll let you decide, although Lonia has already self-proclaimed her position as a BL “political correspondent.”

We also hear briefly from our girl in Japan! It’s brief and sweet and she is definitely fully awake.

Today is the group call, which means we are closing in on the end of our co-host audition series. Much like the Florida races, a choice will soon be made. Who will make the cut?

Konichiwa, you baah’-d kids, you!

Lissette has officially landed in Japan, meaning Ashley has to scramble to find another cohost. Luckily, her laziness and lack of preparation leads her down the hall to her loving and very cooperative husband, Gabe. We answer some of your questions about us and how we came to become Gashley… or Ashabe..?

Gabe also regales us with his sports stories. Yeah, you heard right, I live with a sporty sportsman. Don’t believe me? Guess you’re just gonna have to listen, huh…

Today is a day full of feelings, baah’-d kids.

(1) Ashley has taken the reigns of Baby Lambs while Lissette galavants through Japan eating yummy treats and bowing at deer.

(2) Its the day after mid-term elections and… well… let’s say we have some thoughts.

(3) Ashley cannot do this alone, therefore, she is holding auditions for a new cohost! Today, we welcome our dear friend Lonia to the Baby Lambs studio/yeah right we don’t have a studio to discuss the last 24 hours in U.S. politics. If you are also a little unsure about the state of our nation (or of the State of Florida), grab a glass of your favorite spirit and join the discush.

What’s up, baah-d kids?!

Whelp, this is the last episode with Lisa until 2 weeks from now. Not only is she leaving to Japan as you listen but she ran a half marathon on Sunday, she’s going to be so tired. Clearly, she didn’t plan this too well. Anyway, have you voted?! Why not? It’s your last day!

What’s up baah-d kids?!

We’re back at it again with one more episode. It was an interesting last few days in the US and bring them to the forefront of this episode. We don’t have answers but we do have questions and we want to maintain an open dialogue about it. We also include a clip of spoopy stories from our friend, Augi.