About Us

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Ashley (left) and Lissette (right)

How hard is it to make friends when you’re an adult, am I right?

I mean, if you’re lucky, you meet someone in a class, or at work, in some sort of community group that you can hit it off with, but even then it’s extraordinarily difficult to make “friendships.” Even worse, lady friendships.

Lissette and Ashley are just two ladies who met at the right place and the right time. They like to watch TV, movies, listen to music, fall into YouTube holes, play with make-up, watch documentaries on terrible things that happen to people, and hang out with their respective husbands. They are no frills, some thrills, and all unapologetically themselves.

They like to talk about stuff that you might be into, like, you know how sometimes you’re standing in line at CVS and you overhear a conversation about something you know you can contribute to and want to join but are too afraid to be seen as a creep to a bunch of strangers? We are those strangers/new friends/weirdos who also saw that documentary about the guy who ate people he met on Craigslist, and we invite you to join the discussion.

Thanks for visiting!